The Believer's Bible Commentary Book Review

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The Believer’s Bible Commentary Book Review – Make Bible study a part of your daily life with the thorough yet easy-to-use Believer’s Bible Commentary.

The Believer’s Bible Commentary Book Review

Believer’s Bible Commentary: Second Edition
  • Introductions
  • Practical and Spiritual Applications
  • Typology
  • Study Helps
  • Hardcover Book


The Believer’s Bible Commentary book (BBC) is second to none when it comes to in-depth and meaningful bible commentary. You will not find much in the way of extra’s in this book such as illustrations, charts, maps etc… While there are a few of these study helps, the BBC focuses primarily on the commentary itself and it really shows. The BBC has a wealth of information when it comes to explanations of the scriptures. If you are looking for a commentary book for that purpose alone and not expecting much else in the way of information such as maps and charts; then this book is for you. Have you ever read or studied something that always seems to stick with you? You can always remember or recall a certain article or story you may have read because it really resonated with you? That is what I have found to be true with this book. There’s some thought provoking commentary in this book that will give you a new perspective of the scriptures. Maybe a perspective that you have not thought of before. I also found the commentary to be conveyed in a very conversational tone. It does not feel that the commentator is trying to talk at a high education level or sound smarter than the average person. In fact, I found the commentary to be very simplified and easy to understand. I also thoroughly enjoyed the many quotes that the BBC integrates throughout this book.  Christian leaders and theologians throughout history such as Charles Spurgeon and C.S. Lewis are often quoted in the commentary when relevant.


The BBC is a very large book. In fact, it is one of the largest books in my library. It is not a book that I take out of my home office just because of its larger size and heavier weight. The BBC has 2,383 pages not including the extra study helps that are found in the back of the book.


I am not very impressed with the cover of the book. It is very drab and boring in appearance. The cover also feels cheap and has some type of hazy glaze to it. There is nothing really eye catching or desirable about the cover of this book. The binding has held together well and is very flexible. The binding seems to bend to allow slack in the book. I have to admit I was nervous about how well the binding would hold up on such a large book but I have seen no deterioration.

Final Thoughts

Appearance aside, this is one of my favorite books. I don’t just mean commentary books, I’m talking any book. The commentary in this book just really hits home with me. Very easy to understand and every verse in the bible is discussed either individually or as a grouping with other verses. There is not one area of the bible that I may find I have a question on that I cant find an explanation for in the BBC. I have found myself just reading along in this commentary book like it was a story in itself. The BBC stays on my desk at all times and I refer to it on a daily basis because of its accuracy and easy to read commentary. When it comes to the BBC, I was rewarded for not judging a book by it cover. This book is highly recommended just for it’s commentary alone.


Don’t judge this book by its cover. Some of the best commentary on the bible you will ever read is found within it’s pages.

0out of 10


  • Inexhaustible Commentary
  • Quotes from Famous Christian Leaders
  • Easy to Understand
  • Very Accurate


  • Cheap Cover

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