Halley's Bible Handbook Deluxe Edition Review

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Halley’s Bible Handbook Deluxe Edition Review – Halley’s Bible Handbook makes the Bible’s wisdom and message accessible to everyone. Whether you’ve read the Bible many times or never before, you will find insights that give you a firm grasp of God’s Word and an appreciation for the cultural, religious, and geographic settings in which the story of the Bible unfolds.

Halley’s Bible Handbook Deluxe Edition Review

Halley’s Bible Handbook, Deluxe Edition: Completely Revised and Expanded Edition—Over 6 Million Copies Sold
  • Colorful
  • Easy to Understand
  • Explains God’s Word
  • Encourages Appreciation for Cultural, Religious and Geographic settings
  • Hardcover Book

Henry H. Halley lived from 1874-1965. He was an author, minister, and bible lecturer. This bible handbook started out as a 16 page pamphlet that Halley wrote to guide churches and individuals in their bible study’s. It has blossomed into the bible handbook that we now have today. This copy of Halley’s bible handbook is the deluxe edition.

I cannot say enough good things about this book. It is an awesome supplemental tool to use for anyone’s bible study. It is very accurate and easy to understand. Mr. Halley does not try to talk at a high educational level that it difficult to comprehend. There are either pictures, charts, maps, or photographs on nearly every page in this book. Mr. Halley also wrote very educational essay’s on many topics of the bible that are found throughout.

The pages are color coated that allow for quick and easy access to the information that your are looking for. Mr. Halley goes above and beyond just the teachings in the bible. He tells the reader how we got the bible, how to read the bible, why we should go to church, archeology discoveries that confirm the bibles truth’s and so much more. Mr. Halley does not speak on every single verse in the bible like commentary books do, but he does speak on every chapter that is in the bible. Though, there are many verses that he will speak in-depth on. There are also several doctrinal footnotes that Mr. Halley speaks about at length.

There is to much to praise in this book to cover in this short review. I would encourage you to watch the video review found below to get a better understanding on this awesome bible handbook. This book is very highly recommended!


Excellent supplemental bible study tool

0out of 10


  • Great colored photographs
  • Easy to understand
  • Excellent content on the scriptures
  • Very Accurate


  • None

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