Bible Curiosities Review

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Bible Curiosities: An Illustrated Guide to the Mysterious, Odd, and Shocking Stories of Scripture (Illustrated Bible Handbook Series) Review. Don’t ever think the Bible’s boring. . .it’s packed with amazing, mysterious stories—exactly the kind of wonders you’ll find in Bible Curiosities. 

This fully illustrated guide to the amazing, odd, and shocking stories of scripture contains almost five dozen informative, intriguing, often humorously written entries. 

Bible Curiosities Review

This book takes a fun and interesting approach to many of the bible’s mysterious and odd stories. It reads, looks, and feels much like a readers digest. This book really has a way of bringing forth the stories that may have you doing a double take when you read them in the scriptures, and explaining them in a fun but informative manner. There are no lack of pictures, maps, and illustrations found throughout.

I really enjoyed reading this book. There were several occasions that it had me scrambling to my bible to confirm and study out a story or reference that they were citing from the bible. I did not find any inaccuracy’s and in fact, I found that this little book had me doing a lot of research myself, which I love to do!

This book also has the feel of a small bible handbook the way it matches stories of the bible up with pictures, essays, and charts. This book does not hit on every book of the bible, only the strange and even shocking stories that are found therein. I found that this book was great for casual reading in bed or while lying on the couch. I even took it to work with me and was reading it on my breaks.

This book is very easy to read and understand. It has also been presented to the reader in a humorous and lighthearted tone.  I would recommend this book for the reader who is looking for extra curricular and casual reading, to supplement their bible knowledge.


A readers digest version of curious bible stories

0out of 10


  • A Fun Read
  • Colorful Pictures
  • Very Unique

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