Holman KJV Study Bible Personal Size

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Holman KJV Study Bible Personal Size Review – The Holman KJV Study Bible, Personal Size is identical to the full size edition but now available in a smaller trim size that’s ideal for people on the go.

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Holman KJV Study Bible Personal Size Review


This personal size Holman study bible (HSB) has an inexhaustible amount of information. From in-depth study notes, to book introductions, and even a king’s glossary of Old English words. The king’s glossary was something I had not seen in other study bibles. It was interesting to see all the difficult Old English words grouped into one place at the back of the bible instead of the quick glance methods utilized by other study bibles.  There is also a concordance along with a weights and measurements chart located in the back of the bible. The bible comes with two ribbons attached for book marking. This bible did not contain some of the usual information that you may have come to expect from other study bibles such as the harmony of the gospels section, or the miracles of Jesus glossary. But, it did however add other information such as God’s plan for salvation, how we got the King James version of the bible, and many in-depth essay’s on important topics. My only concern with this personal sized study bible was the small print. It was hard on my eyes and I found that I would start to get headache’s during the times I was reading it. This is not going to be the same results for everyone, naturally. This was only my experience and results will very. Though the small print hurt my eyes I could quickly tell that this was an awesome bible so I purchased the larger print edition and I love it.


If illustrations are your thing, then this is the study bible for you. The HSB specializes in vibrant colored maps, illustrations, and pictures throughout. It was a nice change of pace to see colored maps and illustrations during my bible study. I found that all the illustrations, especially the maps really did catch my attention and cause me to take notice of the information that they were trying to convey.  The colored illustrations gave me a new and different perspective on the scriptures that I had not experienced with any other study bible that I have read. It really felt like a breath of fresh air.


This is a beautiful Black/Tan leathertouch (Yes, that’s one word) bible. It has a very elegant look and feel to it. I love the two ribbon idea for such a large bible. The outer leathertouch is thick and provides for a good protection barrier. One annoyance that I encountered when I first received this study bible was the fact that it seemed like every other page was stuck together. Once you read through it and separate the pages, this is no longer an issue. Overall this bible is of very good quality.

Final Thoughts

This study bible is very unique with its many different colored illustrations. It has taken a new approach to God’s word that I have not seen with other study bibles. If you are a visual learner and have a hard time grasping information by reading alone, then this study bible is right up your alley. Again, I was really impressed with how the colored art work jumped off the page to grab my attention. I found that as I was reading the scriptures there was often a colored map that was depicting the geographical location that was being spoken of. I was amazed how well this assisted me in learning more in-depth. This is a well rounded study bible and is highly recommended for the visual learner. The study notes seem endless and meaningful. As I studied this bible out, I found that I kept getting lost in the study notes in a good way. Many of the study notes give references to other study notes that keep you flipping through the pages of this bible for hours. It was a really fun way to study God’s word out.

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